who we are

Grace Avenue is a community of faith born out of the heart of San Antonio.

We exist to help provide a path for people to experience God’s freedom, live their potential, and make the impact they are created for.

There is something in the message and someone in the family you can relate to.

To own what God has given us and generously give it away to make an impact that lasts beyond now, and lives beyond us.

You will have an opportunity to push past whatever is holding you back and pursue the potential God has for your life.

what we believe

We believe the church exists to declare the name of Jesus.

We believe the life that God has for you to live is a life full of grace, full of peace, acceptance, forgiveness, miracles. We believe in hope, and that hope is

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God." — Ephesians 2:8

our pastors

Daniel grew up in church. He went to all the youth groups, camps, and church services you’re supposed to. But by the time he was 21, his life was a mess. Though he knew about God, he had never fully encountered Jesus and His grace. Eventually, God got ahold of Daniel’s life and radically transformed him. Since then, Daniel’s life has been all about seeing others grow and discover God’s grace for themselves. He attended Hillsong College where love for a healthy local church became a passion. He later pastored youth, young adults, lead prayer and usher teams, and pretty much any other ministry opportunity you’ll find in the church. He is a voice into the lives of other pastors and leaders. We love having him lead us. For those interested in such things, he’s also a die hard San Antonio Spurs fan and continues to pray that the Houston Texans get it together.

Jannelle was born in Mexico, and left a little piece of her heart there when she moved away. She loves San Antonio – from the people, to the culture, to the food. She loves helping people discover and place value on their God-given platform and place of influence. Jannelle believes there’s no substitute for living a life centered around the purposes of God. Jannelle is especially passionate about helping empower women to live out their calling from God. She puts this into practice as a mom to two beautiful daughters, Vivienne and Eden, and by leading all the incredible women at Grace Avenue through
BOLD Women. In her little downtime, she enjoys a good Netflix binge!