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The Bible teaches that each follower of Jesus plays a part in helping God's church to grow, thrive, and flourish (Ephesians 4. 1 Corinthians 12). God has made each one of us part of His Body and we have a role to fulfill. We grow and mature as we commit to belonging to one another in deep and meaningful relationships. Superficial relationships are not something God encourages us to have, but instead, Christ-centered relationships that help to build life, honor, healing, wholeness, and spiritual maturity in our lives that make us more like Jesus. Being part of a church family is not only the way that God designed for us to grow in life, it is the way God designed for us to thrive in life.

Find your group.
Find your people.
Fall connect groups.

freedom groups.
women — Mondays at GAC, 7PM ..... led by Marylou Delgado
men — Tuesdays at GAC, 7PM ............. led by Andew Delgado

Tuesdays at 7PM via Zoom ....... led by Jorge & Cinder Gasca

financial peace university.
Mondays at GAC, 7PM .......... led by Lofton & Cecilia Morrison
young adults.
Tuesdays at The Martinez’s, 6:30PM ....................... led by Chris & Kayla Martinez

2 + 1 (10 years and under marriage class)
Wednesdays at GAC, 6:30PM ............... led by Ps. Daniel & Jannelle

Welcome to Church Dinner

The journey of following Jesus Christ is a lifetime of discovery. Our pastors are committed to seeing that happen in your life by providing avenues in which you will grow in your relationship with God and one another.

This dinner is designed for you to hear the history and heart of Grace Avenue, grow in your understanding of the Christian faith and connect with our pastors and team members who will help you discover your next step. You will also have an opportunity to become a member of Grace Avenue and be counted as church fam!
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Join a Team

Join a team today to begin making a difference and find your purpose while serving others. We can all play a part in what God is doing no matter what our age or background.
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