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Live the abundant life God created you for

Too often people settle for a life that has happened to them, instead of a life that God has for them. Jesus wants us to live in and from a relationship with Him at the center. He tells us that we are to build on His words so that when we are tested by the storms of life, we remain standing. A life that is fulfilling, abundant and meaningful starts with Jesus taking control over every area of our life. Without Him at the center, we spin our wheels trying to make things work. From our heart, to our mind, to our actions, to the way we treat people, and to the way we handle our finances, God wants us to live in a way that honors and pleases Him.

John 10:10 - "I came that you would have abundant life..."


Baptisms are an outward expression of an internal transformation that takes place in us because of Jesus. It's a public declaration of your faith. We can't wait to celebrate this next step in your journey with Christ.
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Our next Transformation Sunday baptisms will take place directly after the 11:30am service on May 21st.
Our next Child Dedications will take place on Sunday, April 16th during the 10am service.
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Child Dedications

We're so excited to host Child Dedications on Sunday, April 16th during the 10am service.

Child dedications are an opportunity for parents to say "yes" to raising their children in the ways of the Lord. As a church, we want to come alongside you and lift your arms as parents, encourage you, and pray for you.

Any age child can be dedicated. Scripture instructs parents to dedicate their children to the Lord and commit to raising them according to His word. If you're ready to take the next step, please register your child(ren) by clicking the button.

Marriage on the Rock

Need some tools to strengthen your marriage? Join Pat & Sandy Pennington (who have been married for 58 years!) for "Marriage on the Rock". Build your marriage on a solid foundation. From communication, to money, to sex, Marriage on the Rock is a 10 weeks group that covers all the major issues a couple will encounter.

Date: Beginning Tuesday, April 12th
Duration: 10 Weeks
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Virtual utilizing the Zoom platform
Leaders: Pat & Sandy Pennington
Curriculum: Marriage on the Rock by Pastor Jimmy Evans
Workbook Cost: $15 and should be purchased on Amazon.  
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Spiritual Gifts

This class focuses on the discovery of Spiritual Gifts through a number of thoughts and questions: Spiritual gifts questionnaire. Where do you sense the joy of Christ? Where have others seen effectiveness? What do you uniquely carry a burden/passion for? What has been prophesied over you? What do you believe the Holy Spirit has spoken to you about personally in this regard?

Together we will discover the tools and gifts God has placed in you to make a difference on the earth.

Date: Beginning Wednesday, April 13th
Duration: 6 weeks
Location & Time: Zoom at 7:00pm
Leaders: Clayton Mabry & Jessica Gamboa
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Mental Health Support: Grief & Loss

Grief comes in many forms; illness, death, trauma, divorce/break-up, job loss, and many more. The grief counseling and support group at Grace Avenue Church is designed to assist you in your walk through the grief process with God’s healing as your destination. We will use biblical principles to help you establish a healthy, God-minded approach to healing. This group setting will help you establish a community of fellow believers who want a safe environment in which to grieve and begin a path to healing. Additionally, it will provide a “family” support system that you can lean on in the future. This group is designed for 18 years and up and we are asking all who join to be members of Grace Avenue Church.

Date: Beginning Monday, April 11th
Duration: 8 weeks
Location & Time: Grace Avenue Church at 7:00pm
Leader: Jeff Relyea & Kim Chavez
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Financial Peace University

If you’re looking to get better with your money, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to dump debt, save for emergencies, and build wealth. It’s all about getting on the right financial plan. During this 9 course class you will receive all the tools you need to manage your finances and become the good steward you are called to be!

The FPU kit costs $129 per household which includes your workbook and a free year of Financial Peace Membership, an online tool kit to support your journey. This kit should be purchased from the Dave Ramsey website directly.
Opens Spring 2023

Lead 101

Lead 101 is a four part class that is designed to empower the future leaders and team builders of Grace Avenue. We do that by covering topics like culture, the why behind the what we do, what it means to be a leader at GAC, and much more. We will also be reading and discussing as a group the book "Life Changing Leadership" by Pastor Frank Damazio.

To attend this class we ask that you have already attended our Welcome to Church Dinner, are a member of Grace Avenue, have taken our Essentials class and currently serve on a team. Having done each of these you will be set up to get the most out of this Lead 101 course.
Opens Spring 2023